Type 1 to type 2 32A AC EV charge cable

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Charging mode: 3

Connection mode: B

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Type 1 to type 2 32A AC EV charge cable Information

Double head gun assembly combination model

F32-01 To C32-U Portable EV Charger

Safety performance and feature of the product

Rated voltage

250V/480V AC

Rated current

32A Max

Working temperature

-40°C ~ +85°C

Protection level


Fire-protection Rating

UL94 V-0

Standard adopted

IEC 62196-2

Safety performance and feature of the Type 1 to type 2 32A AC EV charge cable

1.Comply with: IEC 62196-2 certification standard requirements.

2.The plug uses the one-piece design of small waist, which is advanced in appearance, grand, neat and beautiful. The hand-held design conforms to the ergonomics principle, having the anti-skid touch and comfortable grip.

3. Excellent protection performance, the protection grade reaches IP55

4.Reliable material: inflaming retarding, environmental protection, wear resistance, rolling resistance (2T), high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, high oil resistance, UV resistance.

5.The cable is made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper rod with the best electrical conductivity. The sheath is made of TPU material, which can withstand high temperature up to 105°C and is inflaming retarding, abrasion resistant and bending resistant. The unique cable design can prevent the cable from breaking core, winding and knot.


Do different EVs require different chargers?
There are two standard connectors which different models of EV use (Type 1 and Type 2). the market is moving to using Type 2 as standard but charge points are available in either and there are also Type 1 to Type 2 adaptor cables.

How long does it take to charge an electric car using an EV charger?
The time it takes to charge an electric car depends on two factors. The capacity of the electric cars battery and power output of your domestic EV charger. Typical charge times are around 6-8 hours using a 3kw charger, 3-4 hours using a 7kw, 1 hour at 22kw and around 30 minutes using a 43-50kw EV charge point.

Does my electric car need a special charging station?
Not necessarily. There are three types of charging stations for electric cars, and the most basic plugs into a standard wall outlet. However, if you want to charge your car more quickly, you can also have an electrician Install a charging station at your home.

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